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Pick a scent!

What bar of soap is your favorite from DJL Decor? Would you like to receive 10 that make up a loaf? Is it available, please see our FAQ or if its greyed out then you can pre-order. If this sounds like you then wholesale is for you!

Up to a 1-2 week wait!

Now that you picked your favorite scent and available options its time to sit back, the hard work is over!

Note: depending on time of year soap may need longer cure times. I wish we could control the weather but this means both cold and hot fronts may have an affect on cure time but you will receive an email from us letting you know of any delay. We aim to delight so no soap will leave our hands without proper inspection and confidence.

Arrival Day!

Your loaf(s) of soap have arrived! Open the box or individual boxes based off the options chosen and enjoy some exceptional clean and refreshing soap!

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